Our Results

Medical Malpractice

Yates v. George Washington Hospital and Washington Hospital Center
$6 million verdict for injury suffered during childbirth.

Bell v. INOVA Health Systems
$3 million verdict for paralysis due to failure to diagnose an epidural abscess.

Morton v. Adkins
$2.73 million verdict for paralysis during heart surgery by a prominent D.C. physician. Verdict was affirmed on appeal and paid in full.

Clifton v. Georgetown University Hospital
$50 million verdict for young mother injured during childbirth.

Beach v. Ross
$2.75 million verdict for child with cerebral palsy. We collected all funds owed to our client despite the doctor leaving the state and a  relatively small insurance policy.

Cappadona v. Nimetz
$2.5 million verdict for medical malpractice.  While the defendant appealed, the verdict was affirmed by the D.C. appellate court, which affirmed the usefulness of special verdict forms.

Gerver v. Benavides, M.D.
$2 million verdict for medical malpractice.

Kasdin v. GWU & GWU Health Plan
$1.5 million verdict for loss of kidney due to malpractice.

Hamilton v. Kaiser Permanente
$530,000 verdict for birth injury.