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Product Liability

Every day, people use any number of products that are assumed to be safe when used as directed. Yet thousands are injured or die every year because of defective or dangerous products ranging from motor vehicles and power tools to pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements.

Under product liability law, the seller of a defective product is responsible for any injury that results to a buyer, user, or even an innocent bystander. Defendants in product liability cases may include manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The laws governing product liability vary according to state, but typically, three types of cases may be pursued: manufacturing defects, design defects, and duty to warn.  Manufacturing defects generally result from some mistake in the manufacturing process, improper workmanship, or the use of defective materials. Design defects occur when a product includes a design feature that is defective and unreasonably dangerous. A manufacturer also has a duty to warn consumers of unsafe or dangerous features of its products.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a consumer product, you may have a claim or cause of action against the company that designed, manufactured, sold, distributed, leased, or furnished the product.  At Paulson & Nace, our attorneys have extensive experience in defective products cases, and are available immediately to work for you.

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