Legal Does Not Provide Legal Advice or Replace the Need for Qualified Counsel

Those who try to “represent themselves” by scanning the internet for free information often have “fools for clients” and get exactly what they “pay” for.  Unless you arrange for an in-person or telephone consultation, the only legal advice that we can give you is to retain qualified counsel to analyze and address legal issues and cases.  While may assist you in understanding our legal system, you should not act or rely on any of this information to address the specific facts of a case or to determine your legal options and rights in specific situations.  To evaluate any legal problem, an attorney must carefully review all of the facts, relevant documents and other evidence to assess your legal rights and options.  The law is very complex and, while we present some general legal information here, it is often necessary to conduct legal research to analyze specific situations and to consider legal nuances and recent legal changes that may not be reflected or discussed online.  Finally, the law often varies from state to state, making it important to contact lawyers who are licensed to practice law in the applicable jurisdiction.

No user may act or rely on any of the materials or information on this web site and Paulson & Nace makes absolutely no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy, reliability, completeness, availability, or timeliness of the contents of this site. Use of materials found on this web site, for any purpose whatsoever, is strictly at your own risk.  Paulson & Nace and its attorneys shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, legal, equitable, special, compensatory, incidental or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever arising from access to, use of or reliance upon the information displayed on  This site is not designed to solicit or to invite attorney-client relationships in any particular case.  Whether you retain our law firm, or hire other lawyers, make sure that you retain attorneys with experience in handling the types of issues that you are confronting.

The Use of Does Not Create An Attorney-Client Relationship

Browsing this website or contacting us through it or through email does not create an attorney-client relationship.  Nor do we undertake any obligation to enter into such a relationship with visitors.  Before we will agree to render legal services, we must review such factors as the type of case involved, our existing workload, scheduling considerations, commitments to current clients and whether there are any conflicts of interest or other ethical restrictions in assuming representation.  Until we agree in writing to provide legal services, we have not assumed the role of legal counsel and you should not send any confidential information.

Do Not Email Confidential Information to Us or To Anyone Else

Until we agree in writing to provide you with paid legal services, and assume the duties of legal counsel, there is no attorney-client relationship and, legally, no attorney-client privilege to protect the confidentiality of your communications.  Thus, while we shall not share your email address or personal information with others, courts may not ultimately uphold the confidentiality of these communications.  In addition, there is always a risk that sensitive information may be intercepted illegally while being transmitted to our law firm.  To be safe, limit your initial inquiries to a general description of your problem and avoid details of a confidential nature.  If we agree to assist you, we will arrange for a confidential telephone or in-person legal consultation to review all of the facts in detail, together with any documents or other information needed to analyze your case.  This will help to secure your privacy and to protect your best interests.

Beware of Deadlines Which May Place Time Limits on Your Legal Rights

Since deadlines may be fatal to legal rights and remedies, anyone facing legal problems or issues should contact a competent attorney as soon as possible. The specific facts of any given situation may give rise to any number of rules and regulations of which you may or may not be aware.  Never delay in contacting a competent attorney.  While we try our best to respond promptly to all such inquiries, Paulson & Nace shall not be responsible for meeting any such deadlines or for rendering legal services on your behalf unless and until we agree in writing to represent you.  If we decline to represent you, you should not regard this as a reflection on the merits of your case and must contact other counsel to preserve your legal rights.